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Mare, grey (birthcolour bay roan), 143cm, born 2003 at Lofty Connemarastud, Vessigebro.


July 2006

Caitriona was purchased from the breeder Lofty stud in the autumn 2003. Earlier that year she had been given the score 9 8 8 8 8 = 41 (equal to a golden medal) at SCS national breed show. At the same show her both parents were awarded golden medals and her dam Beezies Bounty became Supreme Champion of the show. A photo from this event can be seen here.

Caitriona passed inspection and scored 8 7 7 9 7 = 38p, class I in 2006. She is kind and nice to people.

Many of Caitrionas relatives has been good performers in driving or eventing. Caitriona was sold in August 2008. She was trained by Emmy Vänman and competed in dressage, shovjumping and eventing after she was sold. At Emmy's homepage you may see some nice photos and videos of Caitriona in action. In 2010 Caitriona was sold to Finland.


December 2005

June 2004


April 2006

April 2006


August 2007


With Emmy 2010, above and right

Caitriona's pedigree:

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