Instead of submitting my own
Connemara related links, I suggest a visit
to the Swedish Connemara
Pony Society's (SCS) website
and its excellent link collection.

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SCS connemara links - Swedish network and blog


Ashbrook Connemara Pony Stud and Magazine
A lot of information about much more
than just the stud's own ponies.


Niamh's weblog


Jenny's Connemara Concoction


Banner/länk Pomona's Irish Impressions

 My photo memories from Irish Connemara pony studs and Clifden show 2006.


Banner/länk Arameennoc

Aramennoc - Connemara pony pedigrees and photos - Internet forum and information (in Swedish)


Click here to join Connemara_Pony
Click to join Connemara_Pony

International mailing group for Connemara Pony enthusiasts


Stina Nerman - Stall Fristad - a neighbour                    


Bannerlänk bloggen Sigrid på Pottan

My blog - not so much pony and only in Swedish though...


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GIMP - A powerful and FREE graphics and photo editor


Logo/länk Internet i Östergötland
Internet in region Östergötland


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My own banners - feel free to use any of
them if you want to link to my website!

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