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Kingstown Silver & Kingstown Goldie

Kingstown Silver & hingstföl/coltfoal Kingstown Goldie.
Fölet är sålt till Sverige. The foal is sold to Sweden.


Silver Fort, Kingstown Hazel & foal

3 generationer/3 generations
Silver Fort, Kingstown Hazel & föl/foal.


Kingstown Fionn

Silver Fort

Kingstown Fionn

     Silver Fort still going strong
                    vid 32 års ålder/
 at the ripe age of 32


Eileen's Favourite

  Eileen's Favourite ...

...och hennes hingstföl/and her colt foal
Monaghanstown Fionn


Kingstown Starlet & Kingstown Dana

Helsystrarna/fullsisters Kingstown Starlet & Kingstown Dana


Kingstown Hazel

                          Vad är det här för sorts ponny???
                          What kind of pony is this???

Kingstown Hazel





©Sigrid Åberg/Pomona's Connemaras


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