Bild Apollo kommer till mig 13 juli 1971

July 13th 1971

Having read in the magazines in the late 1960ies about the Connemara pony, recently introduced into Sweden, I felt that this was the kind of pony I would like to own. So when my sister and I were going to get a horse of our own, I hoped it would be a Connemara. One day in winter 1971 we had gone to look at a 7 year old Norwegian fjord gelding, and at that place we also found two 1 year old Connemara colts for sale. I immediately fell in love with Apollo, but as we needed a horse that could be ridden at once, the Fjord was bought. However, on July 13th that year Apollo arrived to us, to keep Pojken, the Fjord, company.

Apollo was born 1970 by Lambay Inver RC 4 (CPS 162)
Atlantic Breeze RC 2 (CPS 2174).

Apollo 1½ year old, late autumn 1971


Being a happy owner of a Connemara I joined the Swedish Connemara Pony Society and realized that I was interested in breeding - and now I had got a gelding! But I just could not sell my beloved Apollo because he wasn't a mare. Instead I planned to get a Connemara mare in the future.

Apollo was a very nice character. Although he could be very tough, he was also the nicest and sweetest horse you could imagine. Having matured a bit slowly, he became as time went on a merry, alert companion, a good mover that loved jumping. He grew as high as 155 cm. Spavin that failed to be cured caused that he was put down 1984, only 14 years old.


Ballerina and Apollo meet for the first time


1978 I finally decided to find the Connemara mare I had been waiting for so long, and Ballerina was purchased. In those days I didn't have a stable of my own but depended on lodging stables. Thus it felt a bit hazardous to have her covered, so breeding activities were postponed. In 1987 I decided to breed her anyway, and one year later the first foal, Deschampsia by Tiger Boy RC 11, was born.

In 1994 I moved to a farm in the country, where I now am able to keep several horses, and at the moment there are four Connemara ponies in the stable.

I call my present "horse activities" Pomona after my first own stable (where Apollo first was kept), that was situated in a "local area" called Pomona in the town of Ludvika.

Ballerina 2 years old 1978


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