All photos ©Sigrid Åberg/Pomona's Connemaras

Dam: Atlantic Breeze RC 2 (CPS 2174)
Once a class winner at Royal Dublin Show.
For several years she was on the front cover
photo of the Clifden Show catalogue, together
with her wellknown halfsister Atlantic Mist.
Learn more about her mare family
here .


Sire: Lambay Inver RC 4 (CPS 162)


Apollos (as well as Ballerinas) halfsister Atlantic Bell Z 33-72-0521,
Photo aged 1 year old.

Apollos halfsister Atlantic Treasure RC 68 (CPS 2824) was one of the Möllan stud's foundation mares. Through her large number of descendants, she for sure has left
her mark on the Swedish Connemara.

        Apollos fullsister Sunny Breeze RC 267...

...and her son Kamik Breeze RC 63
Show jumper and registered stallion.
Photo aged 27 years old.




©Sigrid Åberg/Pomona's Connemaras


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