All photos © Sigrid Åberg/Pomona's Connemaras


       Corylus and Potentilla in
      May, above

       Also this year we had the
       pleasure to have the little        white pony Krabat with us        för "summer holidays".


Good friends, "Potty" and "Tom Thumb" in August.


Lively 3 year olds in August, above and below.


Bild 2 svarta islandshästar i snöig hage

Winter came alreaby in
early November, and at
that time the both Icelandic
boysTenor and Gramur,
belonging to the neighbour
Jenny, moved into our
outdoor stall.


Bild 3 connemaror i snöig hage

Still winter by the end of November. Myristica, Potentilla and Corylus.


©Sigrid Åberg/Pomona's Connemaras


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