All photos © Sigrid Åberg/Pomona's Connemaras

Bild av Sparven och Kryddungen betande

               Myristica, who has spent most or the summer indoor due to injury,
               finally has been let out for grazing for short periods at end of
               August. Above with Stellaria to the left.

Bild Myristica skrittar på betet


Bild Pottan och Sparven skrubbar varandra


September. Potentilla is back again after another "away for under saddle training period".
"Hi there!! Nice to see you again!"
"What, social activities??
 I have more important things to do, watching my weight for instance!!"
Bild smällfeta Nillsson betar

Bild Sparven och Nillsson på väg mot kameran

Stellaria and Corylus in October.


©Sigrid Åberg/Pomona's Connemaras


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