All photos © Sigrid Åberg/Pomona's Connemaras

Bild 4 ponnyer i galopp mot kameran

Racing in the pasture, left to right Potentilla, Corylus, Stelaria and Myristica in April.

       Bild 3 betande hästar

Potentilla, Myristica and Corylus in May.


Bild Stellaria och Myristica betande

Stellaria and Myristica, May.

Bild Myristica och Stellaria tittar mot kameran

Myristica and Stellaria, June.


Bild Krabat och Corylus betande

                                  Finally a pony with the right colour! But is it the right breed?
                                  Little white Krabat, here together with Corylus, is a
                                  Shetland/Welsh crossbred who spent the summer with us. June.


©Sigrid Åberg/Pomonas Connemaror


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