1989 - 2006
Mare, grey (birtcolour dark dun), 147 cm, bred by Pomona's Connemaras.


May 2005

Ballota was Ballerina's second foal. She was shown in hand several times and has been given silver medals and 37 or 38p. As a 1 year old she was given 24p. and a golden medal. Ballota was inspected and approved for the stud book in 1994.

After her 1994 foal Ballota was covered again several years. but unfortunately she never got in foal any more. She has also been used for trail riding now and then.

Ballota was put down at end of May 2006 due to heaves.


May 2004

Ballota as a coming 2 years old


May 2005

Ballota's pedigree:

 Tulira Highball RC 47
  (CPS 750)

Tulira Mairtin CPS 214 Tooreen Ross CPS 99
Glen Nelly CPS 1344
Julie CPS 2246 Carna Bobby CPS 79
Windy Dun CPS 1803
  Ballerina RCB 21
Slieve Dara RC 2 (CPS 146) Mac Dara CPS 91
Slieveaniarainn Lass CPS 1605
Keehaune Belle RC 10
(CPS 2310)
Clonkeehan Auratum CPS 104
Keehaune Lassie CPS 1222
Colt foaled 1993 by Gräns Ruben RC 67, stillborn
Achillea 33-94-4037, filly foaled 1994 by Hagens O'Chief RC 68   (Dead 2000)


©Sigrid Åberg/Pomona's Connemaras


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